Who’s the hottest Trump wife? Ivana Trump

Let’s take a break from the campaign trail and turn our focus to the wives of Donald Trump. Mr. Trump has been married three times, Ivana Zelníčková from 1977 to 1992, Marla Maples from 1993 to 1999, and he married Melania Knauss in 2005. All three of these women are equally beautiful in my eyes, so to help me determine “the hottest”, I invited three fashion/beauty experts to weigh in on the question of which Trump wife is the hottest of them all. In this first of three posts, we’ll see how our experts rated Ivana Trump.

The Experts:

Angelina Tatar, Search Coordinator at F8 Modeling Agency in South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida, reviews the portfolios of thousands of aspiring models looking for the next top model. She is responsible for finding Karly Loyce, Taylor Hill, and Emilia Attías. Angelina has a proven eye for finding catwalk material.

Kelly Fontana, Fashion Writer at Cali Style magazine in Santa Barbara, California, has years of experience covering the latest west coast fashion trends. She was also a catwalk model who worked the L.A. scene in the early 90s.

Mia Yuan, freelance makeup artist and yoga teacher, burst on to the modeling and fashion scene in 2013 with her innovative multi-faceted makeup technique. Traditional “enhancements” as Mia puts it, focuses on the face. Mia stays light on the face, but brings the neck, shoulders, arms, back, and legs into the equation. Who knew varying shades of makeup on your butt can give you an instant lift. Mia has worked several Victoria Secret shows and is an expert on beauty and fashion. She’s also a kick ass yoga teacher!

Surely with all of this talent we can determine who is the hottest Trump wife. I asked each of our experts to rate each wife on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the hottest, in three different categories: Style, Beauty, and Sex Appeal. First up is Ivana Trump.

Ivana Trump

Ivana and Donald at the opening of the Mayaka Ono gallery in Manhattan. 1990
Ivana and Donald at the opening of the Mayaka Ono gallery in Manhattan. 1990

Our first contestant is Ivana Zelníčková. Ivana was born on February 20, 1949 and was Trump’s first wife. Donald and Ivana married in 1977. Ivana was a former Olympic Skier for the the Czech Republic. She was also a fashion model and has written several bestselling books including the novels For Love Alone, Lucy Wilkins and Free to Love as well as a self-help book The Best is Yet to Come: Coping with Divorce and Enjoying Life Again.

Overall Style Score = 5

Angelina, our model search expert, gives Ivana a 5 in Style. “Ivana was more of an athlete than a glamour girl. She never seemed too concerned with wearing the latest fashions. When she tried, it usually failed. She just didn’t have an eye for fashion.” Kelly, our fashion expert, agrees with Angelina. She rated Ivana’s style as a 3. “Ivana was clearly not concerned with style in her earlier years. She stuck too much to her eastern European roots and it showed.” Mia, our resident yogi, disagreed with Angelina and Kelly. She rated Ivana a 7. “I like that she stuck to her roots and didn’t try to adapt to the latest fashion. I also like that she knew how to work a conservative outfit in a time when skin tight was in.”

Ivana and Donald Trump at Mariana's restaurant in Manhattan.
Ivana and Donald Trump at Mariana’s restaurant in Manhattan.
Ivana and Donald at their wedding in 1977.
Ivana and Donald at their wedding in 1977.

Overall Beauty Score = 5

Angelina knows beauty and she rated Ivana a 4. “She’s pretty, but not someone I would have picked in a line up. She’s just too countryside stock – wide face, chubby cheeks, stubby nose, knobby chin. Nothing delicate about her features.” Kelly Fontana rated Ivana a 3 in the beauty category. “I agree with Angelina. In my world, she’s more of a bear than a lipstick girl. Not terrible to look at, but definitely not model material. Mia being the body makeup artist had a different opinion. “Yeah, her face is not model material, but have you seen that bod. Take a look at that beach photo from their honeymoon. That booty may of not been popular in 1977, but in 2015, move over Iggy Azalea. I’d love to work on that figure. I rate her an 8.”

A young Ivana Trump. 1967
A young Ivana Trump. 1967

Overall Sex Appeal Score = 2.3

Angelina rates Ivana a 2 on sex appeal. “She just wasn’t a sexy woman. She was pretty conservative. Look at some of these photos. She stands straight up, doesn’t put a leg forward or push her hips one way or another.” Kelly agreed with Angelina and rated Ivana a 3 for sex appeal. “There were no college boys with posters of Ivana. But that’s okay, she didn’t put herself out there as a sex magnet.” Mia finally agreed with Angelina and Kelly and rated Ivana a 2 in sex appeal. “She was the girl next door that you took to your mother. Good baby making stock, but no sex appeal.”

Probably the hottest photo you'll find of Ivana. Early 1980s.
Probably the hottest photo you’ll find of Ivana. Early 1980s.

Stay tuned for the results of our evaluation of Marla Maples and Melania Knauss. Who is the hottest Trump wife? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.